2018 show is on Saturday 1st September and the theme will be CARNIVAL

There were many questions relating to the show organisation at the AGM and so we have produced a pdf that should answer all those queries. You can download that document here.

Adult Division F: Cookery
  Competition Classes | Division E | Division G | Online Entry Form

Please refer any queries in this division to Eleanor O'Connor - Tel 01494 875646

We would prefer you to enter online as it saves us a lot of time on the day. However, if you must enter with a paper entry, then a pdf document of the Show Schedule containing competition classes and entry forms may be downloaded from here

PRIZES:     1st: £3:00  ~  2nd: £2:00  ~  3rd: £1:00

Available Cups

Mary Nicholl Cup Most outstanding exhibit in the Cookery Division
Baird Cup Most points in Cookery Classes 601 - 624. (Winner of Mary Daniel Copper Pan not eligible)
BLAA Cup Sponsored by Yaldens BLAA member accumulating the most points across all adult classes
Food Hall Cup Most points in classes 609 to 624
Mary Daniel Copper Pan Member fof CSG Women's Institute with most points in Cookery classes 601-624. (Previous year's winner not eligible.)
Sam Strange Challenge Cup Winner of Class 626

Class Descriptions

Subdivision A: Jams, Marmalade And Other Preserves

All classes must be staged in plain glass jars (a minimum of 12 oz - 335g) without brand names on the jar or on the lid. Jars should be covered with either a new screw top or with a wax disc and cellophane cover except where there is a class note to advise differently.

601 NOVICE CLASS: Jam, any fruit Adult
A Novice is any entrant who has never entered or previously won a prize in this section
602 Cherry Jam Adult
603 Any Jam Adult
604 Strawberry Preserve Adult
605 Marmalade - any type Adult
606 Crab Apple Jelly Adult
607 A Vegetable Chutney Adult
Please label clearly and cover with a vinegar proof airtight lid.
608 Lemon Curd Adult
Jars should only be covered with a wax disc and cellophane cover.

Subdivision B: General

Commercially prepared mixes and pastry should not be used. Where weights are given for loaves (e.g. 1lb), this refers to the weight of FLOUR.

609 A Sour Dough Loaf, made by hand Adult
Exhibit as whole 1lb loaf (450g) Details for a Sourdough Starter can be found here.
610 A Cottage Loaf, made in a bread machine. Adult
Exhibit as whole 1lb loaf (450g)
611 A Plaitted Loaf, made by hand or in a bread machine. Adult
Any size, any variation.
612 NOVICE CLASS: A Wholemeal Loaf, made by hand or in a bread machine. Adult
Exhibit as a whole 1lb (450g) loaf A Novice is any entrant who has never entered or previously won a prize in this section
613 3 English Muffins Adult
614 3 Fruit Scones Adult
615 Quiche Lorraine Adult
7-8" (18-20cm)
616 Judges Choice: Aubergine Parmagiano Adult
617 A Cornish Pasty Adult
618 Bread Pudding Adult
619 5 Flapjacks Adult
620 “Show-Stopper” Cake – a sponge cake of your choice, any size, any shape and style in the theme of “Good Olde Days” (no cream please). Adult
N.B. If the exhibit is larger than 30cms in any direction when exhibited, please contact Caroline Jackson on 01494 876685 before Show Day
621 Meatloaf Adult
622 Compulsory recipe. Linzer Torte. Adult
Recipe for Linzer Torte is here.
623 3 Eccles Cakes Adult
624 Spotted Dick - 7”–8”/18–20cms long Adult
625 3 Jam Tarts - gluten free Adult
626 WOMEN ONLY – Victoria Sponge 7”–8”/18–20cms Adult
627 MEN ONLY – Victoria Sponge 7”–8”/18–20cms Adult
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